Understanding Risks.
Sharing Solutions.


We empower the Sharing Economy by delivering tailored risk management products and services delighting customers and safeguarding businesses, brand, and assets.


We are a team of Uber, Lyft and Airbnb alums, who also possess deep experience and expertise in insurance, risk management and claims with leading insurance carriers and brokers.
We specialize in delivering insurance solutions for the unique needs of fast-moving Sharing Economy platforms across Rideshare, Last Mile Delivery, Carshare, Homeshare, eMobility and adjacent markets.


From tech-enabled products to specialized pricing to emerging regulatory challenges to digital claims at scale, insuring the Sharing Economy is unique.

We've been on the cutting edge. We've seen what works and what doesn't. And we know how to solve for the unique needs of Sharing Economy Platforms.

We partner with the best in the business, and bring collaborative and innovative solutions to challenging insurance and claims needs.


Platform Specialists

We know the unique needs of Platforms because we've lived it, from the inside. Our purpose is to deliver tailored Platform insurance and claims solutions for today's needs and tomorrow's objectives.

Innovation Driven

Like our Platform customers, we are driven to build, launch and scale innovative products that deliver a winning proposition and a competitive advantage.

Optimizing Results

Best in class is not optional, it's what we do everyday. Product, pricing, service, customer journeys, and claims/loss costs are optimized to deliver financial, customer and other essential business outcomes.


We partner with the best, bringing capabilities and expertise together to collaborate and deliver a world class solution.


Sharing Economy Risk Management, Commercial Insurance and Claims leaders who have solved Insurance & Claims problems
for some of the world’s leading Platform Operators, working closely with top insurance carriers globally.



Mark Warnquist

CEO & Co-Founder

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Sean Fitzsimmons

CUO & Co-Founder

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Erin Syring

COO & Chief Legal Officer

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Randall Brenner

SVP, Claims & Operations

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Randy Ayento

Director, Claims & Innovation

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